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Tips for All Inclusive Irrigation in Antelope

in order to preserve water our Antelope irrigation contractors added mulch on the groundOur Antelope irrigation contractors know the benefits for you and yard when it comes to water conservation. Take a look at a few of the advantages gained from conserving water.

  • We know that mulch not only provides beautiful, durable, and maintenance free ground cover, it also is a great addition to any water efficient irrigation system. Ground cover keeps the soil cool on hot days, and will prevent water evaporation from the soil. By providing more efficient use of your water, your whole yard will benefit with a little use of mulch.
  • We are local, which means that we are familiar with plants that are water conserving and work well in the area. Native plants offer less upkeep and greater efficiency, which means that they will stay healthy in our climate. You will save water and labor, while enjoying the natural comforts that are unique to your home.
  • Ground Cover does not need to be your average lawn. Lawns require water, mowing, and daily maintenance to stay healthy. If you are looking for a more natural looking ground cover, which also offers better durability and sustainability, we are glad to help you out.

We've Got Your Ground Covered

a radial sprinkler added between plantsWhile native plants and ground cover solutions will help reduce the upkeep and water use of your yard, this is only part of the battle.

Our Antelope irrigation contractors will round out your home irrigation system with the equipment necessary to irrigate your yard in the most efficient and hassle-free ways possible.

Solutions You Need For The Price You Want

drip irrigation provides water exactly where is neededWhether you are installing a new water conserving sprinkler system, or updating your current irrigation system, our local experts can provide you with the equipment needed to tackle the job. We can install new sprinkler heads and drip irrigation conversion heads to maximize the use of your water while deeply penetrating the soil. We will work with your existing water meter, supply line, and water pressure to maximize your sprinkler system. No matter what budget you have to work with we guarantee we can help you get results.